Hike. Train. Socialize.

hike. train. socialize.



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About Us

Who Are We

We are a TRUE friends & family owned business. Specializing in training and socialization; we have over 30 years of handling experience. Our first firm started in 2004 in Long Beach, CA as a dog walking service and since, has grown into boarding, food delivery, group hikes and full training including general obedience, sport and protection. Loving this industry we have immersed ourselves fully; becoming trainers and advocates for training. We have a service that started one way but transformed into what our clients needed. 

We believe all dogs and families should be trained. We also believe it should be accessible to everyone which is why we offer several packages and financing on our boarding & training. To keep up general obedience and socialization weekly/monthly walking and hiking services are recommended.

What Does Your Dog Get?

Our clients become a true pack member. They are slowly integrated one by one with the pack they are joining over several weeks. Once they become socialized with the full pack, they remain part of it forever. They will  experience every park and trail in Long Beach including our downtown urban jungle where the pups will socialize and hike around our amazing landmarks -- The Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, Shoreline Village, Belmont Shore, Naples, and more! Our packs have become staples in the community. Local stores and vendors are included in this socialization process -- they allow us to bring the dogs in their stores, help with our distraction practice and supply us with water during our rests.

Why Should You Call Us?

Your dog will get to exercise, hike and learn to socialize in the pack with professional trainers and handlers. Our monthly packages (offered at 2 & 3x/week) are rates that can't be beat. The exercise your pup will get and the training is invaluable. Plus, we throw the coolest client parties to celebrate how much we love our jobs and our clients! The walks are just the beginning! Wait til you see the obedience transformation! Walking is learning!

And you should see how your dog reacts when we get there to pick it up! Does your current dog walker get a hug when they come to the door? We do! Everyday!


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